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Yann CREPIN's interview for LAZIE INDIE Magazine
september 2021

between Bruno Mars and David Bowie

Thanks to Laurence de la Baume for these words.

le 10/08/2018

"On the surf, the sound draws an image, a poem, something soft, tender that we remember, then it leaves and we stay rocked, “dream world”

 ... The next moment, something remotely reminiscent of Celtic remembers, a memory disappeared, then a new thought, a fresh idea traces a silver wire on the monotonous canvas and slips on time. Listed forever ... Yann's music is a subtle wave that pulls on the secret funds that one carries in oneself without knowing it. "


Laurence de la Baume, writer journalist

article télérama

Real exposing for Yann CREPIN, pianist

Released the31/10/2017

Real MISE A NU  for the pianist Yann Crépin Posted on 31/10/2017 Encouraged by the success of his first CD, the Rennesian musician is about to release a second CD, of original compositions. How far has it come since he left the Conservatoire de Rennes at the age of 16, as a concert flautist, where he worked alongside Yann Tiersen. Meanwhile, the Rennes artist has traded the record instrument for the grand piano. This solid classical training allowed him to go a long way, with a first CD hailed by critics.

Album "Mise à nu" à paraître cet automne 2018 - Photo Richard Bellia

Duo « Soñj » Gwenaël KERLEO and Yann CREPIN : « La Déclaration ».

Duo "Soñj" Gwenaël KERLEO and Yann CREPIN: "The Declaration".

In these times, often, abrupt, harsh, hypothetical, how not to benefit you, the word being, here, used closer to its meaning, this very bright and saving musical moment bathed in serenity, peace and quiet. hope… A sweet and irresistible aspiration towards the light for a new spring, a journey in search of a Gaelic Tir na Nog opening on "the Land of the eternal youth"! Through its 12 limpid original compositions, "Soñj", name of this new duo, comes to captivate you and take your soul to "landscapes", deeply, tranquil and soothing. An aerial journey of more than 36 minutes in the coils of an underlying Neo-Celtic, pilgrimage to renew, to get fresh ideas, as often as possible...


Ouest-France, Le Soñj (d’une nuit d’été) fait sa Déclaration


Released the 20/06/2017

For her 8th album, harpist Gwenael Kerleo is in duet with pianist-flutist Yann Crépin for an ode to the joy of composing together.



Listening to the declaration, the enchanting record of harpist Gwenael Kerleo and pianist Yann Crépin, we take off instantly, our ears bewitched by the onirism and deep lyricism of these melodies with distant Celtic echoes, which evoke the journey and the great outdoors.

Anne Berthod,233676.php

LE TELEGRAMME : Soñj. « La déclaration » ****


Realeased the 20 october 2016

Gérard Classe and Louis Cornic

A constellation of stars illuminates this universal album! If one could suspect that Gwenael Kerleo, good fairy of the Arrée Mountains would change again the lens of his harp in nuggets, his complicity with the pianist-flutist Yann Crépin is an immense revelation.

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