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Partnership with Yann CREPIN

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Thanks to Laurence de la Baume for these words.

"On the surf, the sound draws an image, a poem, something soft, tender that we remember, then it leaves and we stay rocked, “dream world”

 ... The next moment, something remotely reminiscent of Celtic remembers, a memory disappeared, then a new thought, a fresh idea traces a silver wire on the monotonous canvas and slips on time. Listed forever ... Yann's music is a subtle wave that pulls on the secret funds that one carries in oneself without knowing it. "


Laurence de la Baume, writer journalist

Crowfunding KENGO

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The new album "Mise à nu" by Yann
Presse - Yann CREPIN - Piano & Flûte
Yann CREPIN - Piano & Flute
Yann CREPIN - Piano & Flute
Yann CREPIN - Piano & Flûte


musician, composer, performer

Flutist medalist of the conservatory of Rennes, pianist and composer, Yann Crépin propose aerial music on piano or flute. His first album invite you a trip.


With his new album "Mise à nu", available this automn by Coop Breizh, you will discover personnal music, his soul music.


Contemplatives , notes come from feeling and magic of the moment.

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